Motions passed at our 2018 Annual General Meeting

  1. That the following statement be added to the Objectives of the 1916 Relatives Association as they appear in its constitution, “To highlight the role our relatives played in Ireland’s revolutionary period including the War of Independence and to ensure that their contribution is appropriately recognized in State Commemorations”
  2. The Facebook Account of the 1916 Relatives Association represents a key asset of the Association. For this reason it is necessary for it to be under the direct responsibility and control of the Executive Committee EC). At the first meeting following each AGM the EC will appoint two administrators; one will be a member of the EC who will have an oversight role and overall responsibility for all aspects of the function the Facebook Account. This role will be time limited to his/her period in office. The second person appointed will undertake the day to day administration of the Facebook Account, liaising with the relevant EC member on all matters s/he see fit.
  3. The 1916 Relatives Association supports the work of the Ministerial ‘Moore St Advisory Group’ (MSAG) in its objective of delivering Phase Two of the ‘Securing History’ process, namely the achievement of a new, generally agreed Planning Application for the area in line with the recommendations of the Moore St Report
  4. The 1916 RA welcomes the publication in 2017 of the Moore St Report ‘Securing History’ and supports its conclusions and recommendations for the future development of the area.
  5. The 1916 RA welcomes the decision of the Dept. of Arts, Culture and Heritage to undertake a comprehensive and definitive survey of the Moore St battlefield site, taking into account all previous surveys and reports on the area.
  6. The 1916 RA welcomes the decision this year of Hammerson PLC, the owners of most of the battlefield structures, to join the Minister’s Moore St Advisory Group (MMSAG) process. We also welcome their stated intent to apply for a fresh Planning Permission along the lines of their current outline proposal as presented to the MMSAG, subject to agreement on the handling of key elements of the 1916 battlefield site based on a definitive architectural, heritage and historical survey.
  7. That this AGM agrees to commence an initiative to seek support from the Government and members of the Oireachtas to declare the 24th of April as Irish Republic Day.
  8. That this Association request some type of memorial/roll of honour be established to those who were processed through Richmond Barracks Easter week 1916.
  9. That the 1916 Relatives Association reaffirms its commitment to the naming of the national children’s hospital in honour of Dr. Kathleen Lynn”.
  10. That the 1916 Relatives Association will commemorate the centenary of the election of Countess Markievicz in December 2018.
  11. That some form of regular communication be established between the Executive Committee of Cumann Gaolta 1916 and the various Garrison Groups so as to ensure that the latter are informed as to the business of the Executive Committee of Cumann Gaolta 1916. The form that this communication will take is to be agreed between the Executive Committee and the Convenor for each Garrison Group.
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